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Lots and Collections

Date of auction: May 10, 2008

Lots and Collections

Date of auction: Feb 21, 2008

Important Stamps, Covers and Collections of the World

Date of auction: Dec 19, 2007

With superb and breathtaking Air Mails of the World. The Dr. G. W. Connell Collection of Scandinavian Shipping Company locals offered intact. The Michael Burrows Nicholson Collection of British Guiana 1898 and 1899 issues. Wonderful France. One of the finest known examples of the Iran 1878 1 toman unused, remarkable Italy and Italian States, Liberia, a superb Collection of Postal History offered…

All World Stamps and Postal History

Date of auction: Feb 12, 2007

Over 1300 lots of fine stamps and postal history, including superb Great Britain with no less than thirteen £5 oranges, specialised 1929 P.U.C., Airmails of the World, British Commonwealth with fabulous Artists Essays by Jennifer Toombs, Hong Kong, India, Seychelles, Foreign Countries with Albania and Ethiopia from the R. Sciaky Collection. Israel, Italy, etc.

The Balloon Posts of Paris 1870-71

Date of auction: Dec 11, 2007

Illustrating the resourcefullness of the French during the Siege of Paris. One hundred and forty five lots with many interesting and rare destinations. Aerostiers cachets, etc.

Lots and Collections

Date of auction: Nov 07, 2007