Dear collectors, clients and friends,

It was December 1990 when Bernard D. Harmer handed me the keys of his business. It was a business transaction between two professional stamp dealers, but it would never have been possible if trust, friendship and passion for stamps were not part of the relationship between Mr. Harmer and myself.

Since then it has been a long journey plenty of auction records broken, fun moments experienced, intercontinental trips flown, philatelic anecdotes created, great relationships built and many more great memories to never be forgotten cemented. Always trying to keep the Harmers of London brand at the highest level of integrity, trust and competence.  In the last few years a number of reasons kept us a bit more silent than usual. Despite not running any auction I always kept the company and its future as my highest priority.

Now, after nearly 29 years from the moment Bernard handed me his “baby” it is time for me to pass it along to the next generation of philatelists that I am sure will keep the company up at the level it deserves and at the same time adding the touch of innovation that the current times force any auction house around the world to have. I am happy that the same values that were shared between Bernard D. Harmer and myself, now can be shared again between me and the new buyer. 

I am thrilled to announce that Harmers of London is now back in business under the management of a group of enthusiastic people led by the worldwide known philatelic Italian company Bolaffi, established in 1890 and now run by its fourth generation. Harmers of London is also going back to its origins: the new premises will be located in St. James, not far from the Old Bond St. address where so many great moments of the auction house were written.

Regardless not being its Chairman any longer, I will continue supporting and collaborating with Harmers of London, so please do not hesitate to getting in touch with me for anything you may need.

In order to better introduce Aste Bolaffi, I’m proud to send you herewith the latest number of “Best Bid”, the semi-annual publication which summarizes the most important results of the past season and offers an interesting preview on the highlights of the season just begun.

Thank you very much and all the best.


Yours faithfully,
Giangiacomo Orlandini