Harmers of London’s third numismatic auction, to be held on 26 September in London in conjunction with Coinex 2022, will feature over 500 lots ranging from ancient times to contemporary coinage.

The first part of the catalogue will present an interesting selection of Greek and Roman coins, including an elegant Stater of Lokri Opuntii (estimate £ 4,000/6,000) and an Aureus of Caracalla from the prestigious Caruso collection (estimate £ 10,000/15,000).

The chapter of British coins is important and full-bodied, with specimens of Edward III, a Gold Leopard minted in Aquitaine (estimate £ 6,000/8,000), George II, with a Gold 5 Guineas of 1729 (estimate £ 12,000/16,000), up to Elizabeth II, Gold 500 Pounds, 2017 celebrating the 70th anniversary of her marriage to the late Prince Philip (estimate £ 14,000/18,000).

But it is among the foreign coins that we find the top lot of the sale: from India, a great rarity, a Gold Mohur of the Mughal Empire from the zodiac series, symbol sagittarius (estimate £ 100,000/120,000). And then a rare Chinese Silver Dollar dated 1916 (estimate £15,000/20,000), the complete 1970 set of 12 pieces from South Korea (estimate £35,000/45,000) and the Gold 20 Dollar 1890 minted in Carson City (estimate $ 4,000/6,000).
These are just some of the rarities in the upcoming auction, which we are confident will contain numerous specimens for our collectors worldwide.